#Rohtak: Is India getting inured to brutal rape incidents?

“I ask everyone not to give birth to girls to avoid seeing this day I see … every woman fears her daughters to date since these executioners are alive.” It is said that the mother of the 20-year-old girl who was raped and murdered in Rohtak, Haryana, while demanding the death penalty for the accused. Her heartbreaking statement not only captures her trauma and her impotence to what happened to her daughter but shows how she thinks the development of the law and order mechanism that India has put in place to ensure women’s safety. After 16 December 2012, gang rape and murder of young paramedic Jyoti Singh, rape laws were strengthened. But they appear to be deterrents: the day after the incident in Rohtak, another woman was dragged into a moving car in Gurugram and a gang raped by three men. While the brutality of rape Jyoti Singh made people go out to protest in large numbers, it seems there is a pause in this type of activism. Is India integrated with brutal incidents of rape, giving politicians the latitude to make all kinds of insensitive comments? Here is an example: According to a news site, Kerala Minister of Public Works, G Sudhakaran, announced that the number of cases of rape occurred if women were not “obsessed” by their mobile phones (thus ignoring their entourage ) If more men were to engage in agriculture. Logics: busy farmers do not have the time to rape women. Following the theory of the “chowmein-rape” of another legislator, which Mr. Sudhakaran will show a list of the most insensitive comments. As a recent Hindustan Times series – Let’s talk about rape – much emphasis, we must begin a conversation about sexual violence. In one room, a Delhi police officer wrote that it is for the police to impress a rape victim that the police are on their side. We must extend this argument: as citizens, it is our duty to impress a rape victim and his family on his side. As for gender-based violence, silence is not an option.

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