Nevada’s rollicking marijuana rollout still going strong

Nevada’s rollicking marijuana rollout still going strong

LAS VEGAS – Recreational marijuana sales have exceeded the expectations of store owners in the Las Vegas area who have experienced long queues outside their clinics since Saturday when Nevada became the fifth state to sell pots for the public.

This movement started a market expected to be driven by tens of millions of visitors each year the city of sin.

Monday compulsory pot Customers have been lined up before the dispensaries are opened. Some tried to make their first purchase from Saturday, and others went shopping for a few seconds. Tourists and locals took advantage of the change in state law.

“I’m very happy about how sales have gone and continue to go, especially given the fact that the word has not really gotten ahead of time,” said Andrew Jolley, President of the Nevada Association Dispensary store owner. “The public had only a few weeks in advance, while Colorado had a year to prepare.”

The demand for recreational marijuana was such that clinics had to turn to clients over the weekend, and at least one extended their hours of operation. The clinics reported 45-minute times waiting for an hour on Saturday afternoon and Sunday for up to 20 minutes.

The Euphoria wellness clinic was 50 people waiting to shop in downtown Monday. Their Marketing Coordinator Jim Ferrence said the Budiseurs helped at least 1,000 customers during the first two days of sales of legal recreational wines.

On average, customers buy marijuana flowers once a quarter and a sample of various groceries and concentrates, Ferrence said. “Everyone was calm, cold and serene, not unruly crowd at all,” he said.

People 21 and older with valid identification can purchase up to one ounce of marijuana. As of Friday, the state had 44 licensed dispensaries for the sale of recreational marijuana. Thirty-nine of these stores are located in the Las Vegas area.

More than 42 million tourists flock to Las Vegas businesses and delights every year. They along with visitors from the rest of Nevada should be near two of three recreational boat purchases in the state.

But people can use the drug in a private home, as it is still illegal to consume in public, including the Strip hotels and casinos. Violators face a misdemeanor summons and a $ 600 fine.

Fifteen tourists were transported on Monday in a bus for a three-hour trip at clinics in the Las Vegas area. The “Cannabus” led visitors to two stores with which they have agreed to allow runners to skip the lines.

Recreational marijuana sales did not cause a headache to Las Vegas for the weekend. The department did not deploy additional agents and did not track the crime rates, announced agent Larry Hadfield.

“It was a business as usual,” he said. “Everything went well as far as possible.”

The state can earn millions due to the sale of recreational marijuana, but tax collection data will not be available for several weeks.

Nevada joins Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska to allow adults to purchase however, banned by the federal drug government. The market in the silver state should be higher than all others in the US, at least until the California begins sales.

“With all due respect to our responsibility in Denver, Seattle and Portland, Las Vegas is already the party capital of the world, and this is just an extension of that,” said M. Ferrence. “There is no doubt that demand will never be broken.”


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