Let’s talk about racism | Don’t call us ‘chinky, momo, chowmein,’ says a Northeastern woman

We’ve never met, I’ve never heard his name, and they do not even have an idea to remember if I knew you in life. I learned of his death through the group SOS DO WhatsApp try to satisfy a rape victim who is also from Manipur. As I read this harrowing news, I met one of his nieces who wiped his tears and went to see where he was found dead in strange circumstances. But without proper investigation, the competent authorities have come to the conclusion that his death was natural, after all, you can not speak or tell him what happened to him. If I count count statistics, you are the number 11 women make you found dead in your rental housing in Delhi / NCR in 2016. Many women in recent years have also experienced the same fate. Let this be the last and I pray for security and justice for all women throughout the world. In life, you may not have achieved your dreams, but in death, you will remember with love your loved ones, you will always love, and in your hearts, you will take care of a place no one will fill. You are in good hands now, in the hand of God. Rest in everlasting peace!

Every Northeastern world based in Delhi and other Indian cities the metro is subject to discrimination. I wrote the previous letter on Facebook last year in honor of a victim of a particularly violent persecution. Since I come from the northeastern part of India and I belong to a minority race, I also suffered from racism, at least in its lighter forms. They called me “tickle”, “Momo”, “chowmein”, and more. If I think I am from South Korea, China and Japan, I am treated very well, but once I identified myself as Northeast, the problems started.

The stereotype of the Northeast Indians is common. If you are a young man from northeastern India, you have tattoos and made some hair, then you are labeled as an alcoholic or a junkie. If you are a Northeast woman with shorts and a shirt with sleeves and a half, you are automatically considered “cheap”, making unwanted advances. Even the polite smiles of these women are often misunderstood. All kinds of people from the Northeast are also a kind of insurrection. However, it is impossible for the Northeast to resist discrimination if this means putting their livelihood at risk; The economic opportunity is usually what led them to a place like Delhi in the first place.

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