In the Styrian Alps, Sebastian Vettel is set to face more trials of temperament

Sebastian Vettel will face another test of his integrity and temperament this weekend when he arrives at the Red Bull Ring circuit for the Austrian Grand Prix.

Just three days after celebrating his 30th birthday on Monday by issuing a punishment for his “road rage” attack against Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the fourth world champion will have a cool head.

The German will certainly be seen by the international mobile media agency in a field he will closely follow, and will likely be subject to a more intense track review when he and Hamilton resume their scrap for the drivers world title.

A close battle between the Vettel Ferrari team and the third stop Mercedes Hamilton Hamilton is in sight in the Styrian Alps in the 30th edition of the Austrian test.

Thanks for having escaped without serious sanction in Baku, where Hamilton was deprived of almost certain victory in the race because his rest marched to the head, Vettel dominated 14 points compared to the British, whose silence announced volumes of the week.

A minor gesture, a “lover” reaction on Instagram appears to be Hamilton’s view as determined by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) not to take further action against Vettel by its deliberate closure.

Vettel, who has a history of dishonest storms when events conspired against him, was to accept full responsibility for his actions, apologize to Hamilton and compromise his future behavior.

If you return in Austria, you may be banned by adding points to those already on your license.

Many may believe he has escaped lightly, but Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said he believes it is time to put the controversy to bed and forget.

“Every great season is marked by a great rivalry,” he said. “Last year, our internal battle between Lewis and Nico, and this year looks like the battle between Ferrari and Mercedes and Lewis and Sebastian.

“As it started quietly, it was only a matter of time until the rivalry over time became more intense and controversial. It is Baku moment and we saw the results of tension on the track.

“We pass the time now and it’s a closed chapter.”

While Hamilton said in public to maintain a silent focus on key contest, it is not certain that he will be determined to recover lost points and reduce Vettel’s lead on the circuit of exploration where some of the fastest towers last time expected this Weekend.

Improvements to the system, including coating, in combination with the “bigger and faster” car this year can be considered to reduce the time needed to reduce some of the cheaper 25 years.

Hamilton won last year’s race after a test with Rosberg and also won the fastest lap of the circuit in one minute and 6228 seconds.

This time, it is likely to be low and possibly in the Game 1: 4402 Nigel Mansell British Grand Prix of France in 1990.

Hamilton will be very accelerated in incredible positions of the track and for the recovery of the victory, but will also be aware that his rival Ferrari and Red Bull vigorously in their “home” system want to see a repeat of the Australian triumph Daniel Ricciardo Baku.

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