Despite Mohun Bagan, East Bengal’s demands, no consensus in I-League foreign players’ quota issue

A consensus has not been reached in the proposal to increase the number of foreigners from five to eight of the I-league, prompting the League Committee to refer the matter to the executive committee for AIFF final decision, he told PTI.

Five clubs, including Vice President of the Football Federation of India, Larsing Ming Sawyan, Shillong Lajong FC and champion FC Aizawl said on Tuesday the AIFF were against the introduction of eight foreigners instead of the five of the season 2017-18 I-League.

The suggestion to introduce more foreigners was supported by Mohun Bagan and East Bengal, who feared losing their best players in the ISL following simultaneous leagues taking place this year.

“Regarding the various opinions on the number of foreign players to play in the league, the committee decided that the matter should be referred to the AIFF executive committee for a final decision, as it is within the competence of the AIFF Executive Committee “, The apex body of a saying in a statement Wednesday.

One of the recommendations of the club meeting last week was that they could play five foreign players in one game, one Asian.

I-League currently allows teams to register and play more than four foreigners, one of which must be from an Asian country, according to the continental competition rules of the Asian Football Confederation.

In addition to the problem of foreign troops, the Committee deliberated on the proposal of several food sources to run an Institutional League / Company of food sources and companies, from the 2017-18 season and unanimously agreed to organize proposal The league under the auspices of the AIFF, provided that all expenses are borne by the participating teams.

It was decided that the form and rhythm of the Champions Cup / Super Cup proposal was finalized after considering the SAFF Championship schedule to be held in Bangladesh in 2018 and further discussions with Football Sports Development Ltd, ISL organizers.

The committee also approved the allocation of funds to I-League clubs. A Rs 50 lakhs per travel bag Club has been agreed with a special grant of Rs 20 lakhs per club.

A Rs central spending 1 Crore marketing will be the responsibility of the AIFF, provided that the clubs submit their local marketing plan to the main body of this sport before the FIAF exceeds marketing expenses to the Finance Committee.

A working group has been formed to oversee the operation, marketing and promotion of the League I 2017-18. The meeting was chaired by Subrata Dutta, senior vice president of AIFF.

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