As the ISL gets a reboot, here’s all you need to know about the new rules in place

After Bangalore FC took the first step to retain captain Sunil Chhetri and Udanta Singh, CK Vineeth announced social media on Tuesday when it came out of double the Premier League League after being held by Kerala Blasters.

Mumbai City FC also retained young goalkeeper Amrinder Singh while other clubs are also working overtime to seal deals to retain players of their choice before the July 7 deadline, after which the ten franchisees can focus In the draw of players from India scheduled for July 23.

With the extension of the ISL to 10 teams and can be played over a period of five months, the teams review their policies and plans in accordance with the new draft ISL standards.

The scope examines some important rules that were distributed to teams:

Each team can hold up to five players – two senior team members and three post-21 development players. In addition to Tata Steel, which will have a team in Jamshedpur, all other clubs have a team that can retain two top players.

If they do, Tata Steel will be the only club to pick up the players in the first two rounds of the project to ensure equal pitch.

If a franchisee retains T-21 players who have represented India, then the club would lose much of the draw.

Apart from these players development, all other players from India will be selected in the preliminary process.

The maximum size of the squad this season was reduced to 25 of 27. However, each club must register at least 22 players – 15 Indians and seven foreigners – and at least two of them must be involved in the development. The salary cap for each club is Rs 18 cr.

Teams sign directly foreign players and the final list must be submitted before September 12 and a complete list of teams, by October 15. Having a star player is not mandatory, although the club signs a star player, can be considered as another stranger.

Clubs also have the option of having an additional foreigner on the team. However, only the marquee player salary will not be included in the total amount of the award.

Clubs must also sign their coach before July 15 and it is mandatory for all clubs that have at least one assistant coach from India (goalkeeping coach can also be considered as an assistant coach if India).

Starting next season, ISL has decided to add another mandatory Indian player on the field with a maximum number of six. This was done to give greater visibility to Indian players as an ISL club has a place in the AFC Cup next year where a team can not revive four foreigners, including one of Indian origin.

National players on the team can change only after five ISL matches (ie, 24 hours before the 6th, 11th game).

Teams are therefore encouraged to form youth / second teams to ensure they have players to replace in case of injury because the ISL and I-League operate simultaneously and transfer / loan players are not possible during the period. The wages of squad players may be higher than the cap of Rs 18 million rupees.

Harish Salve charged Re 1 to fight Kulbhushan Jadhav case at ICJ: Sushma Swaraj

Harish Salve, who fought the case of India to the International Court of Justice against the death sentence given to Kulbhushan Jadhav Pakistan, accused Re 1 as a tax, said Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

“We not only charged #HarishSalve Rs 1 / – like the tax for the case,” said Swaraj.

Sushma Swaraj ✔ @SushmaSwaraj
It’s not fair. #HarishSalve instructed us Rs.1 / – as loads for this. Https:// …
11:10 – 15 May 2017
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His tweet came in response to a tweet by Sanjeev Goyal who said India could have had a good lawyer with much less expense than the ointment would have to pay for fighting the case.

Ointment was India’s leading counsel to the ICJ, who heard the case of the Indian national Jadhav.

India has sent a petition to the ICJ, insisting that the death penalty be immediately suspended for Jadhav, fearing that Pakistan would be held before the ICJ hearing.

Pakistan claimed that Jadhav was an agent of the Indian External Intelligence Agency’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). India has denied a link with the government.

The ICJ heard arguments Monday from India and Pakistan.

On 8 May, India has moved the ICJ against the death penalty, arguing that Pakistan had violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations by non-consular access to Khadhav.

India, on his appeal, said Jadhav had been withdrawn from Iran, where he was doing his business after his retirement from the Indian Navy.

#Rohtak: Is India getting inured to brutal rape incidents?

“I ask everyone not to give birth to girls to avoid seeing this day I see … every woman fears her daughters to date since these executioners are alive.” It is said that the mother of the 20-year-old girl who was raped and murdered in Rohtak, Haryana, while demanding the death penalty for the accused. Her heartbreaking statement not only captures her trauma and her impotence to what happened to her daughter but shows how she thinks the development of the law and order mechanism that India has put in place to ensure women’s safety. After 16 December 2012, gang rape and murder of young paramedic Jyoti Singh, rape laws were strengthened. But they appear to be deterrents: the day after the incident in Rohtak, another woman was dragged into a moving car in Gurugram and a gang raped by three men. While the brutality of rape Jyoti Singh made people go out to protest in large numbers, it seems there is a pause in this type of activism. Is India integrated with brutal incidents of rape, giving politicians the latitude to make all kinds of insensitive comments? Here is an example: According to a news site, Kerala Minister of Public Works, G Sudhakaran, announced that the number of cases of rape occurred if women were not “obsessed” by their mobile phones (thus ignoring their entourage ) If more men were to engage in agriculture. Logics: busy farmers do not have the time to rape women. Following the theory of the “chowmein-rape” of another legislator, which Mr. Sudhakaran will show a list of the most insensitive comments. As a recent Hindustan Times series – Let’s talk about rape – much emphasis, we must begin a conversation about sexual violence. In one room, a Delhi police officer wrote that it is for the police to impress a rape victim that the police are on their side. We must extend this argument: as citizens, it is our duty to impress a rape victim and his family on his side. As for gender-based violence, silence is not an option.

Let’s talk about racism | Don’t call us ‘chinky, momo, chowmein,’ says a Northeastern woman

We’ve never met, I’ve never heard his name, and they do not even have an idea to remember if I knew you in life. I learned of his death through the group SOS DO WhatsApp try to satisfy a rape victim who is also from Manipur. As I read this harrowing news, I met one of his nieces who wiped his tears and went to see where he was found dead in strange circumstances. But without proper investigation, the competent authorities have come to the conclusion that his death was natural, after all, you can not speak or tell him what happened to him. If I count count statistics, you are the number 11 women make you found dead in your rental housing in Delhi / NCR in 2016. Many women in recent years have also experienced the same fate. Let this be the last and I pray for security and justice for all women throughout the world. In life, you may not have achieved your dreams, but in death, you will remember with love your loved ones, you will always love, and in your hearts, you will take care of a place no one will fill. You are in good hands now, in the hand of God. Rest in everlasting peace!

Every Northeastern world based in Delhi and other Indian cities the metro is subject to discrimination. I wrote the previous letter on Facebook last year in honor of a victim of a particularly violent persecution. Since I come from the northeastern part of India and I belong to a minority race, I also suffered from racism, at least in its lighter forms. They called me “tickle”, “Momo”, “chowmein”, and more. If I think I am from South Korea, China and Japan, I am treated very well, but once I identified myself as Northeast, the problems started.

The stereotype of the Northeast Indians is common. If you are a young man from northeastern India, you have tattoos and made some hair, then you are labeled as an alcoholic or a junkie. If you are a Northeast woman with shorts and a shirt with sleeves and a half, you are automatically considered “cheap”, making unwanted advances. Even the polite smiles of these women are often misunderstood. All kinds of people from the Northeast are also a kind of insurrection. However, it is impossible for the Northeast to resist discrimination if this means putting their livelihood at risk; The economic opportunity is usually what led them to a place like Delhi in the first place.

Kashmir situation critical, award to Major Gogoi can escalate tension: Sharad Yadav

Kashmir situation critical, award to Major Gogoi can escalate tension: Sharad Yadav

Leader Sharad Yadav said Tuesday that the decision to adjudicate the army officer, Major Nitin Lee till Gogoi, who tied a Kashmir to the hood of his jeep and led him to prevent his stone soldiers and election workers, result In escalating Valle’s stress, ANI news agency reported. Greater Gogoi received a certificate of commendation by Army Commander in Chief Bipin Rawat “for sustained efforts against the insurgency.”
“Even before the investigation is completed on the case, an act of such a government will further aggravate the situation in Kashmir,” Yadav said. He also said that the situation in Kashmir is critical and could have taken such measures after the end of the probe.
The recommendation to map the army chief was awarded to Gogoi commander after a court of inquiry has heard his case was not guilty, according to sources. The court had stated that its action was justified in light of the circumstances and the results would be made public in a matter of days. However, the documents and testimonies used were not likely to be disseminated.
Meanwhile, the J & K Police conduct a separate criminal investigation, although, under the Armed Forces (Special Forces) Act, the police can not prosecute military personnel without the consent of the Union Government.
The top leader of the JD (T) has tried to organise a conference on Kashmir with the support of the opposition parties. He met Yashwant Sinha who was part of a non-governmental delegation had visited Kashmir, when talking with Congress and left parties held a national conference on the situation in the valley.

Iran Boosts Ties With Italy And France

Iranian President Mr. Hassan Rouhani visited Italy and France from January 26 to 30, 2016 on his first official visits to both countries. Iran is emerging from the shadows after 12 years of international trade sanctions. It is 16 years since an Iranian president last made a state visit to Europe, and as

Iran returned to the international stage after more than a decade of sanctions, there was huge anticipation both at home and abroad about the potential changes to come. Mr. Rouhani met Pope Francis in the Vatican and talked about problems afflicting the Middle East. Mr. Rouhani also met the Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Matteo Renzi. During Mr. Rouhani’s visit, Italy and Iran signed 17 billion euros worth of business deals. The Italian deals cover areas including energy, infrastructure, steel, shipbuilding and aviation. There was a 3.7-billion euro contract for oil services group Saipem, up to 5.7 billion euros in contracts for steel firm Danieli, up to 4 billion euros of business for infrastructure firm Condotte d’Acqua, 4 billion euros for rail and road company Gavio and 400 million euros for planes from Finmeccanica. Europe was Iran’s largest trading partner before the sanctions and Italy was second only after Germany, with seven billion euros in trade, falling to 1.5 billion euros after the sanctions. Italy hopes to rebuild that to three billion in exports alone by 2018. Mr. Rouhani talked up his country as a regional trade hub and pillar of stability saying that generating economic growth and jobs in the Middle East were crucial to defeating extremism.

Iranian President Mr. Rouhani reached France on January 28, 2016, starting with investments to boost Iran’s flagging economy that had been crippled by decades of sanctions. French President Mr. Francois Hollande said in a joint news conference following a meeting with Mr. Rouhani at the Elysee Palace that he wanted the relationship to be useful to both countries and useful to the Middle East region affected by wars, crises and tragedies. Mr. Hollande added that he raised the issue of human rights and freedom during the meeting. Mr. Rouhani said during the joint conference that they must help the Syrian people so that they could build a sustainable future for the country. A total of 20 agreements were signed after Mr.’ Rouhani’s meeting with Mr. Hollande. Iran Air signed a deal to buy .118 aircraft from Airbus, valued at 22.8 billion euros ($25 billion). Iran Air and Airbus signed an agreement for the acquisition of the full range of new Airbus airliners (73 wide-bodied and 45 single aisles). This includes pilot and maintenance training and support services to help the entry into service and efficient operations of these new aircraft. A comprehensive co-operation agreement to modernise the civil aviation sector of Iran was inked. The agreement was signed to support the development of Air Navigation Services, airport and aircraft operations,

French President Mr. Francois FLollande



with Iranian President Mr. Hassan
Pouhani during the latter’s visit to France
on January 28, 2016.

regulatory harmonisation, technical and academic training, maintenance, repair and industrial cooperation. PSA Peugeot Citroen also announced a joint venture with Iran Khodro to produce latest- generation vehicles in Tehran by the end of 2017. French and Iranian companies also signed agreements in the sectors of health and agriculture. Oil and gas company Total inked a deal with the National Iranian Oil Company to purchase crude oil.

Mr. Rouhani had originally been due to visit Europe in November 2015, but cancelled the trip after an Islamic State attack on Paris, which killed 130 people. Many Western nations have accused Iran of funding various militant groups, and despite a landmark nuclear deal between the world powers and Tehran in 2015, the United States is keeping some of its financial sanctions in place because of the alleged links and human rights abuses.