In the Styrian Alps, Sebastian Vettel is set to face more trials of temperament

Sebastian Vettel will face another test of his integrity and temperament this weekend when he arrives at the Red Bull Ring circuit for the Austrian Grand Prix.

Just three days after celebrating his 30th birthday on Monday by issuing a punishment for his “road rage” attack against Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the fourth world champion will have a cool head.

The German will certainly be seen by the international mobile media agency in a field he will closely follow, and will likely be subject to a more intense track review when he and Hamilton resume their scrap for the drivers world title.

A close battle between the Vettel Ferrari team and the third stop Mercedes Hamilton Hamilton is in sight in the Styrian Alps in the 30th edition of the Austrian test.

Thanks for having escaped without serious sanction in Baku, where Hamilton was deprived of almost certain victory in the race because his rest marched to the head, Vettel dominated 14 points compared to the British, whose silence announced volumes of the week.

A minor gesture, a “lover” reaction on Instagram appears to be Hamilton’s view as determined by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) not to take further action against Vettel by its deliberate closure.

Vettel, who has a history of dishonest storms when events conspired against him, was to accept full responsibility for his actions, apologize to Hamilton and compromise his future behavior.

If you return in Austria, you may be banned by adding points to those already on your license.

Many may believe he has escaped lightly, but Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said he believes it is time to put the controversy to bed and forget.

“Every great season is marked by a great rivalry,” he said. “Last year, our internal battle between Lewis and Nico, and this year looks like the battle between Ferrari and Mercedes and Lewis and Sebastian.

“As it started quietly, it was only a matter of time until the rivalry over time became more intense and controversial. It is Baku moment and we saw the results of tension on the track.

“We pass the time now and it’s a closed chapter.”

While Hamilton said in public to maintain a silent focus on key contest, it is not certain that he will be determined to recover lost points and reduce Vettel’s lead on the circuit of exploration where some of the fastest towers last time expected this Weekend.

Improvements to the system, including coating, in combination with the “bigger and faster” car this year can be considered to reduce the time needed to reduce some of the cheaper 25 years.

Hamilton won last year’s race after a test with Rosberg and also won the fastest lap of the circuit in one minute and 6228 seconds.

This time, it is likely to be low and possibly in the Game 1: 4402 Nigel Mansell British Grand Prix of France in 1990.

Hamilton will be very accelerated in incredible positions of the track and for the recovery of the victory, but will also be aware that his rival Ferrari and Red Bull vigorously in their “home” system want to see a repeat of the Australian triumph Daniel Ricciardo Baku.

Divij Sharan and Purav Raja win first-ever match at Wimbledon, reach the second round

Purav Raja and Divij Sharan focused on joining the Indian Customs elite by winning their first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon.

Raja Sharan and ended his long wait for a first win at the All England Club, when Kyle Edmund and Joao Sousa 7-6 (2), 3-6, 6-4, 7-6 (6) were defeated in a A tense first round match over three hours.

India experienced a rich double success with Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi won the men’s doubles crown at Wimbledon in 1999.

Rohan Bopanna is a mixed Grand Slam champion, while Sania Mirza won a lot of great titles in women’s and mixed doubles.

“Leander [Paes] Rohan [Bopanna] Mahesh [Bhupathi] and Sania [Mirza], all watch. In the doubles world, unless a hit is made, we’re not competing with these guys,” said Raja.

“We have a lot to do and we have a long way to go until we are in their class.” I would like to have a Wimbledon Grand Slam anywhere, but it is great. “England is a second home to the Indians.

“We have a lot of support from the crowd and we feel right at home. Wimbledon is great in India and has the feeling that’s special to us.”

After a strong year so far, including a title in Bordeaux and an appearance in the past 16 at the French Open, Raja Sharan and hopefully his breakthrough at the All England Club.

Asked if they could win the title, Sharan said: “This is what we have worked for.

“Wimbledon is a mecca for tennis.Everyone knows Wimbledon.It is very good to go back here.This is obviously great.

“Grass is our favorite surface. We are very happy to be here and play as we are.”

“We are preparing a lot of play under pressure and I think our farm system is under pressure. We have demonstrated once again,” Raja

“We have lost some automatic heartbeats here before.Good to go.We believe in our system and ourselves.We hope we can play our best tennis as and as the tournament goes further.

No exaggeration
Like many players on Wednesday, the duo was mutilated by an invasion of flying ants in their game, but they managed to stay focused despite distractions.

“We started with a lot more, but it calmed much later. I do not know if a pesticide is sprayed,” said Raja.

“It was strange, but it was such a hot day, we are in India, used to some strange things to come.”

In the past, Raja and Sharan have criticized their lack of fame in India, but now they insist that they are willing to remain in the shadows until they praise a great victory.

The 31-year-old had to dig deep to see Edmund and Sousa, with the inflection point in their cool ice play in two playoffs.

“We do not play tennis with respect. We play for ourselves and do the best for our country,” said Raja.

“If something happens, it’s very good. We feel we deserve what we have.

“At the same time, we are not superstars in India. We really do not expect to be.

“We want the racket to appear to be, rather than advertising and the media. If our results are good enough, I’m sure everything will work.”

Then for the aspirants from India, there is a meeting with the seventh head of Raven Klaasen and Ram Rajeev for a place in the last-16.

“We know Raven and Rajeev very well. It will be a very tough game. We will use our day off and go back to work,” said Raja.

All you need to know the Latest IAS Exam Age Limit

IAS Exam Age Limit

IAS eligibility for examination according to the latest notification of UPSC (Union of Public Utilities Commission) is addressed in this article. We hope this message to clear any doubts about the number of attempts, age limits, education level, etc. For UPSC Civil Services allowed the examination (commonly referred to as the IAS exam).

Minimum Educational Qualifications to appear for UPSC Civil Services Exam

Any degree (diploma).

All universities constituted by a law of the Central or State Legislative Assembly in India.
Or other educational institutions established by an Act of Parliament.
Or declared as a university under subsection 3 of the University Grants Law Commission 1956.
Or possess an equivalent degree.
Note: Seniors may also apply.

For more details, see the IAS Qualification Requirement.

Minimum age to appear in the IAS UPSC | Eligibility for IAS examination

The minimum age for the IAS examination is 21 years. This means that the candidate must be at least 21 years old on the 1st of August of this year when carrying out the examination. For example, if the candidate appears for 2018 preliminary round, he / she must be 21 years old on August 1, here 2018.

Upper age limit to appear for UPSC IAS Exam



The age limit is also calculated as of August 1st. This means that if the candidate presents the 2018 preliminary rounds, should be lower than the upper limit mentioned before August 1, 2018. The upper limit is set different for different categories is as follows.

Age limit for general category: 32 years.

Age limit for CBOs: 35 years.
Age limit for SC / ST: 37 years.
Age limit for the people of Jammu and Kashmir: 37 years.
Age limit for staff of disabled defense services in operations during hostilities with a foreign country or disrupted and released as a result area: 35 years.
Age limit for former military personnel, including officers and peacekeepers who served at least five years of military service: 37 years.
Upper age limit for blind, deaf and orthopedic impairment (general category): 42 years.
In addition to the above limits, CBO / SC / ST candidates will have the advantage of relaxing accumulated age. This means that age relaxation is added in special cases, for example, if the person is OBC + Ex-service men, who will receive an extension of 5 + 7 = 12, the upper age limit is now 42 .

How many attempts are permitted UPSC civilian exams?

A general category candidate has an age limit of 32, but that does not mean you can write this review as many times as you want. There are some restrictions on the number of times this test can be taken, which is still different for different categories.

  1. The number of IAS exam attempts: General category: from 6 attempts to 32 years.
  2. The number of IAS exam attempts: OBC: 9 attempts of 35 years.
  3. The number of IAS exam attempts: SC / ST: unlimited attempts at 37 years.

A lot more at stake for Vikas Gowda in Bhubaneshwar than a spot at the IAAF World Championships

Disc launcher Vikas Gowda to launch a gold medal-triplet at the Asian Athletics Championships in Bhubaneshwar and in an ideal setting would have been the toast of the event in India. But instead, the 34-year-old will have to try again when he takes his place in the ring starting last Thursday.

Gowda, the most recognizable face on the slopes of India, had to undergo two tries in quick succession and must have spent many hours of anxiety before the Indian Athletics Federation has finally given away distance participating in the biannual event .

AFI asked Gowda to prove his fitness and form after jumping the Federation Cup or national trials and had not participated in an international tournament.

Although the procedure seems routine at first, knowledgeable people are aware of the underlying currents of delay in the final decision. Gowda has been training in the United States for almost a decade and has never participated in national tournaments.

While AFI actually never likes this approach, the consistency of its performance and the fact that it was far from being competitive in the country allowed it to continue to participate in major events.

But all that changed when the 34-year-old player was insufficiently prepared for the Rio Olympic Games, for which he was funded by the Olympic podium Target Scheme, due to a shoulder injury that guarded the authorities In the dark for a considerable period of time.

Even during the two trials in Bhubaneshwar, Mysore the athlete could not cross a distance of 58 meters, which exceeds its best 66.28 meters.

Gowda’s launching of the trials, albeit with low par, was placed in the first three Indians, who would have automatically led to a starting point. The selection committee, finally, has been clarified, but it was very clear that the selectors or officials were not very satisfied with what they had seen.

CK Valson, the secretary of the AFI, spoke to the field before his second trial, citing physical problems as the reason for the test: “He has not participated in the Fed Cup or national tests and, therefore, The coaches wanted to see him pitch.It’s a decision made only by the selection committee. ”

An official speech on behalf of anonymity, he said: “You can not simply introduce the Olympic and Asian Games without having participated in the first nationals.This is not allowed in other parts of the world.Why should we do so?”

Another was not very happy with Gowda’s failure to report an injury before the Olympics. “When we asked the athletes to report their injuries, he said no.Even their coach lied, he said no.When an agent went to meet him In Arizona, it is at this time that we discovered the injury he was carrying.

It seems that this discontent has been going on for a long time between the AFI and Gowda. For Gowda, a very wide field with Malaysian Muhammad Irfan and Ehsan Haddadi hoping Iran hopes to win a place in the World Championship in 2017 in London. Critics, including AFI, hope to find some setbacks.

Harish Salve charged Re 1 to fight Kulbhushan Jadhav case at ICJ: Sushma Swaraj

Harish Salve, who fought the case of India to the International Court of Justice against the death sentence given to Kulbhushan Jadhav Pakistan, accused Re 1 as a tax, said Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj.

“We not only charged #HarishSalve Rs 1 / – like the tax for the case,” said Swaraj.

Sushma Swaraj ✔ @SushmaSwaraj
It’s not fair. #HarishSalve instructed us Rs.1 / – as loads for this. Https:// …
11:10 – 15 May 2017
Retweets 5.925 5.925 9.998 9.998 likes
His tweet came in response to a tweet by Sanjeev Goyal who said India could have had a good lawyer with much less expense than the ointment would have to pay for fighting the case.

Ointment was India’s leading counsel to the ICJ, who heard the case of the Indian national Jadhav.

India has sent a petition to the ICJ, insisting that the death penalty be immediately suspended for Jadhav, fearing that Pakistan would be held before the ICJ hearing.

Pakistan claimed that Jadhav was an agent of the Indian External Intelligence Agency’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). India has denied a link with the government.

The ICJ heard arguments Monday from India and Pakistan.

On 8 May, India has moved the ICJ against the death penalty, arguing that Pakistan had violated the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations by non-consular access to Khadhav.

India, on his appeal, said Jadhav had been withdrawn from Iran, where he was doing his business after his retirement from the Indian Navy.

#Rohtak: Is India getting inured to brutal rape incidents?

“I ask everyone not to give birth to girls to avoid seeing this day I see … every woman fears her daughters to date since these executioners are alive.” It is said that the mother of the 20-year-old girl who was raped and murdered in Rohtak, Haryana, while demanding the death penalty for the accused. Her heartbreaking statement not only captures her trauma and her impotence to what happened to her daughter but shows how she thinks the development of the law and order mechanism that India has put in place to ensure women’s safety. After 16 December 2012, gang rape and murder of young paramedic Jyoti Singh, rape laws were strengthened. But they appear to be deterrents: the day after the incident in Rohtak, another woman was dragged into a moving car in Gurugram and a gang raped by three men. While the brutality of rape Jyoti Singh made people go out to protest in large numbers, it seems there is a pause in this type of activism. Is India integrated with brutal incidents of rape, giving politicians the latitude to make all kinds of insensitive comments? Here is an example: According to a news site, Kerala Minister of Public Works, G Sudhakaran, announced that the number of cases of rape occurred if women were not “obsessed” by their mobile phones (thus ignoring their entourage ) If more men were to engage in agriculture. Logics: busy farmers do not have the time to rape women. Following the theory of the “chowmein-rape” of another legislator, which Mr. Sudhakaran will show a list of the most insensitive comments. As a recent Hindustan Times series – Let’s talk about rape – much emphasis, we must begin a conversation about sexual violence. In one room, a Delhi police officer wrote that it is for the police to impress a rape victim that the police are on their side. We must extend this argument: as citizens, it is our duty to impress a rape victim and his family on his side. As for gender-based violence, silence is not an option.

Let’s talk about racism | Don’t call us ‘chinky, momo, chowmein,’ says a Northeastern woman

We’ve never met, I’ve never heard his name, and they do not even have an idea to remember if I knew you in life. I learned of his death through the group SOS DO WhatsApp try to satisfy a rape victim who is also from Manipur. As I read this harrowing news, I met one of his nieces who wiped his tears and went to see where he was found dead in strange circumstances. But without proper investigation, the competent authorities have come to the conclusion that his death was natural, after all, you can not speak or tell him what happened to him. If I count count statistics, you are the number 11 women make you found dead in your rental housing in Delhi / NCR in 2016. Many women in recent years have also experienced the same fate. Let this be the last and I pray for security and justice for all women throughout the world. In life, you may not have achieved your dreams, but in death, you will remember with love your loved ones, you will always love, and in your hearts, you will take care of a place no one will fill. You are in good hands now, in the hand of God. Rest in everlasting peace!

Every Northeastern world based in Delhi and other Indian cities the metro is subject to discrimination. I wrote the previous letter on Facebook last year in honor of a victim of a particularly violent persecution. Since I come from the northeastern part of India and I belong to a minority race, I also suffered from racism, at least in its lighter forms. They called me “tickle”, “Momo”, “chowmein”, and more. If I think I am from South Korea, China and Japan, I am treated very well, but once I identified myself as Northeast, the problems started.

The stereotype of the Northeast Indians is common. If you are a young man from northeastern India, you have tattoos and made some hair, then you are labeled as an alcoholic or a junkie. If you are a Northeast woman with shorts and a shirt with sleeves and a half, you are automatically considered “cheap”, making unwanted advances. Even the polite smiles of these women are often misunderstood. All kinds of people from the Northeast are also a kind of insurrection. However, it is impossible for the Northeast to resist discrimination if this means putting their livelihood at risk; The economic opportunity is usually what led them to a place like Delhi in the first place.

Study: Birth Control Flushed Down Drains Creating ‘Transgender’ Fish

Study: Birth Control Flushed Down Drains Creating ‘Transgender’ Fish

Turn male fish into females through chemicals from birth control pills and make-up that are discharged through the drains, according to a new study.

The study of freshwater fish in Britain revealed that one-fifth of men now have female traits – including egg production, decreased sperm count and less aggressive behavior – because of chemical species species bending Present in the pill, cleaning agents, plastics and cosmetics, the Telegraph reports.

“We showed that some of these chemicals can affect health much higher in fish than we expected,” said Professor Charles Tyler of the University of Exeter.

“The use of specially created transgenic fish that allow us to see the responses to these chemicals in the body of fish in real time, for example, we have shown that estrogen is found in some plastics affect the valves in the heart.”

And contraceptives are not the only human pills that disrupt marine life – previous studies have shown that water antidepressants also put pears in their range, he added.

“Other research has shown that many other chemicals that are discharged by water treatment works may affect fish, including antidepressants that reduce the natural timidity of some fish species, including how they react to predators” “Said Tyler.

In World First, MDMA Will Be Used To Treat Alcohol Addiction In Clinical Trial

In World First, MDMA Will Be Used To Treat Alcohol Addiction In Clinical Trial

Scientists in the UK are preparing to carry out the world’s first clinical trial on potential therapeutic effects such as MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy, could have on those who take advantage of alcohol dependence.

Researchers at Imperial College London announced they had obtained ethical approval for a small trial of MDMA people with alcohol in the city of Bristol, The Guardian said last week. In the study, 20 patients – who are heavy drinkers whose prior treatment for non-alcoholism – will undergo psychotherapy sessions under the influence of 99.99% pure MDMA.

MDMA is an empathogenic or drug known to produce feelings of love, empathy and social connection. Researchers presume that this effect could help people with alcohol dependence to make greater use of psychotherapy sessions.

“It is the use of medications to enhance the relationship between the therapist and the patient, and this allows us to dig into the heart of the problems that lead to mental illness in the long run,” said Ben Sessa, clinical psychiatrist involved in the trial, Told The Guardian.

Previous clinical studies have shown that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy may be effective in treating trauma and anxiety. In a small study conducted in 2010, more than 80 percent of patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have stopped having symptoms of the disease after two treatment sessions after the use of supervised MDMA.

MDMA-assisted psychotherapy may be effective in helping people with autism who suffer from social anxiety, preliminary results suggest in a recent study. Compared with placebo, participants who took MDMA before going to therapy saw a “marked decrease in anxiety” after two sessions, according to Discover magazine.

In a 2015 interview with HuffPost, Rick Doblin, executive director of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, an organization dedicated to raising awareness and supporting research on psychedelic drugs for medical use, explained that MDMA can help traumatized patients .

There is a misconception that these drugs are dangerous because they are losing control of people, he said.

“But, in fact, we see that to keep things in control is often what prevents these disorders from healing,” said M. Doblin. “When someone is able to let go in their normal direction to control their emotions and not to feel things or take things, as an amazing healing can take place.”

With a Tick Boom, It’s Not Just Lyme Disease You Have to Fear

With a Tick Boom, It’s Not Just Lyme Disease You Have to Fear

Everyone knows Lyme disease. But experts say the United States can be at a bad tic train station this summer, raising concerns about Lyme and other diseases transmitted by horrible ticks, including the Powassan virus, which causes encephalitis and can leave the People with permanent neurological damage.

“This spring certainly looks worse than others I remember,” said Catherine Wiley, chief of the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center general pediatrics. “People come to the field with a lot of ticks on them.”

When we think of ticks, we tend to think of deer, but Richard S. Ostfeld, a senior scientist at the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York, said it really was mouse.

He studied the ecology of the white-footed mice population for 25 years. Every four or five years, he said, there is an overwhelming rubber culture, so more mice survive the next winter, breed and reach what he calls the “pest levels of mice” in summer.

These mice will be the main source of infection for tick larvae larvae in August and can join many mammals and birds, who try to prepare them. Mice “are merely tedious hairdressers,” said Dr. Ostfeld, so his ticks tend to survive. These tick larvae then become pupae and remain dormant for the following winter.

Then in late spring until early summer, the nymphs start feeding. These nymphs, larvae infected by mice, transmit the infection to humans.
“We are likely to see more marks, and many of us have already begun to see more ticks for transmission infections,” said Dr. Nicholas Bennett, head of the Division of Infectious Pediatric Immunology at the Children’s Medical Center Connecticut.

“By far the most common infection I see is Lyme,” said Dr. Bennett. The bacteria is present in many ticks – more than half of them in parts – but only about 3 percent of tick bites lead to infection.

Once the rod is attached and begins to feed, bacteria must undergo maturation within the tick before transmission is possible, so it will take at least 36 hours from the time in an infected tick bites until Lyme disease can be transmitted, so worry about Lyme if you find and remove a patch shortly after a child has been out. (On the other hand, if you find this check, you are reminded that it is in an endemic area and there may have been other bites.)

The classic symptoms of Lyme disease is the rash called migratory erythema. However, the diagnosis is not always obvious. “Half of the people who have clear Lyme do not remember they have never been bitten and have a rash,” said Dr. Bennett.

If a child does not improve with the usual antibiotic treatment, doctors may suspect a second infection, such as babesiosis and anaplasmosis, since some ticks carry more than one disease and, like the first-line antibiotics we use in children in Lyme , Treat other tick-borne infections.

Anaplasmosis and babesiosis are less common, according to Dr. Bennett, although regional infection rates may vary. And Powassan, although it is the rarest, is alarming, since it can happen so quickly, and because, being a viral infection, there is no antibiotic treatment.

Detailed information on all diseases transmitted by ticks is available on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

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