As the ISL gets a reboot, here’s all you need to know about the new rules in place

After Bangalore FC took the first step to retain captain Sunil Chhetri and Udanta Singh, CK Vineeth announced social media on Tuesday when it came out of double the Premier League League after being held by Kerala Blasters.

Mumbai City FC also retained young goalkeeper Amrinder Singh while other clubs are also working overtime to seal deals to retain players of their choice before the July 7 deadline, after which the ten franchisees can focus In the draw of players from India scheduled for July 23.

With the extension of the ISL to 10 teams and can be played over a period of five months, the teams review their policies and plans in accordance with the new draft ISL standards.

The scope examines some important rules that were distributed to teams:

Each team can hold up to five players – two senior team members and three post-21 development players. In addition to Tata Steel, which will have a team in Jamshedpur, all other clubs have a team that can retain two top players.

If they do, Tata Steel will be the only club to pick up the players in the first two rounds of the project to ensure equal pitch.

If a franchisee retains T-21 players who have represented India, then the club would lose much of the draw.

Apart from these players development, all other players from India will be selected in the preliminary process.

The maximum size of the squad this season was reduced to 25 of 27. However, each club must register at least 22 players – 15 Indians and seven foreigners – and at least two of them must be involved in the development. The salary cap for each club is Rs 18 cr.

Teams sign directly foreign players and the final list must be submitted before September 12 and a complete list of teams, by October 15. Having a star player is not mandatory, although the club signs a star player, can be considered as another stranger.

Clubs also have the option of having an additional foreigner on the team. However, only the marquee player salary will not be included in the total amount of the award.

Clubs must also sign their coach before July 15 and it is mandatory for all clubs that have at least one assistant coach from India (goalkeeping coach can also be considered as an assistant coach if India).

Starting next season, ISL has decided to add another mandatory Indian player on the field with a maximum number of six. This was done to give greater visibility to Indian players as an ISL club has a place in the AFC Cup next year where a team can not revive four foreigners, including one of Indian origin.

National players on the team can change only after five ISL matches (ie, 24 hours before the 6th, 11th game).

Teams are therefore encouraged to form youth / second teams to ensure they have players to replace in case of injury because the ISL and I-League operate simultaneously and transfer / loan players are not possible during the period. The wages of squad players may be higher than the cap of Rs 18 million rupees.

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