A lot more at stake for Vikas Gowda in Bhubaneshwar than a spot at the IAAF World Championships

Disc launcher Vikas Gowda to launch a gold medal-triplet at the Asian Athletics Championships in Bhubaneshwar and in an ideal setting would have been the toast of the event in India. But instead, the 34-year-old will have to try again when he takes his place in the ring starting last Thursday.

Gowda, the most recognizable face on the slopes of India, had to undergo two tries in quick succession and must have spent many hours of anxiety before the Indian Athletics Federation has finally given away distance participating in the biannual event .

AFI asked Gowda to prove his fitness and form after jumping the Federation Cup or national trials and had not participated in an international tournament.

Although the procedure seems routine at first, knowledgeable people are aware of the underlying currents of delay in the final decision. Gowda has been training in the United States for almost a decade and has never participated in national tournaments.

While AFI actually never likes this approach, the consistency of its performance and the fact that it was far from being competitive in the country allowed it to continue to participate in major events.

But all that changed when the 34-year-old player was insufficiently prepared for the Rio Olympic Games, for which he was funded by the Olympic podium Target Scheme, due to a shoulder injury that guarded the authorities In the dark for a considerable period of time.

Even during the two trials in Bhubaneshwar, Mysore the athlete could not cross a distance of 58 meters, which exceeds its best 66.28 meters.

Gowda’s launching of the trials, albeit with low par, was placed in the first three Indians, who would have automatically led to a starting point. The selection committee, finally, has been clarified, but it was very clear that the selectors or officials were not very satisfied with what they had seen.

CK Valson, the secretary of the AFI, spoke to the field before his second trial, citing physical problems as the reason for the test: “He has not participated in the Fed Cup or national tests and, therefore, The coaches wanted to see him pitch.It’s a decision made only by the selection committee. ”

An official speech on behalf of anonymity, he said: “You can not simply introduce the Olympic and Asian Games without having participated in the first nationals.This is not allowed in other parts of the world.Why should we do so?”

Another was not very happy with Gowda’s failure to report an injury before the Olympics. “When we asked the athletes to report their injuries, he said no.Even their coach lied, he said no.When an agent went to meet him In Arizona, it is at this time that we discovered the injury he was carrying.

It seems that this discontent has been going on for a long time between the AFI and Gowda. For Gowda, a very wide field with Malaysian Muhammad Irfan and Ehsan Haddadi hoping Iran hopes to win a place in the World Championship in 2017 in London. Critics, including AFI, hope to find some setbacks.